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Johnny Yu

What if you find that one ingredient which can give you the skin that you’ve always wanted? Who doesn’t want a beautiful, radiant and a youthful face, a desire for both men and women alike. Extensive research has been done by both cosmetology and dermatology to get the ultimate solution. 

Groping into layers of skin and flesh, it has been a Pandora box, from the main components of the skin from infancy to senility. One of component that we found in abundance in the youth was CERAMIDE, one which decreases as people get older. From our research we have found that ceramide is like a layer of cement which coats the outer most layer of the skin, with this coat, our skin looks shiny and radiant, it prevents it from becoming dry, scaly or itchy and consequently you look fresh and youthful. 

Ceramide is a natural component which is found in all four layers of the human skin. This acts as a protective layer guarding the skin against infections and retaining moisture on the skin which can result in reduction of dermatitis, dry skin, eczema and wrinkles. 

Initially the benefits of ceramide were not clearly known as was taken as a structural component to the lipid bilayer of the cell membrane, which was also found on the top layer of the skin. However, as research progressed it was found to be an indicator which sends signals all over the body. This signal which is known as “apostosis” tells a cell to die so that a new cell can replace it. This has proven to be a revolutionary clue for research on treatment for cancer patients. 

With age, the ceramide decreases leading to wrinkles, dry, patchy and sagging skin. Just as our body needs calcium and other vitamin supplements, the need to take ceramide supplement also arises.  Ceramide which is found in abundance in whole wheat grains provide the necessary nutritional supplement that can lead to healthier skin. 

A ceramide supplement which is a derivative of whole wheat grain forms 35 to 40% of the glue in the in the epidermis, which restores moisture and reduces dry and flaky skin, as it forms a layer of obstruction preventing the moisture from escaping resulting in regeneration of a healthy and youthful skin tone and texture. 

Treatment for Eczema 
People who suffer from eczema have substantial shortfall of ceramides in their skin. When given the right amount of lipids, it aids in rejuvenation of the skin as it rebuilds the barrier functionality of the epidermis. 

With in depth detailed research, ceramide has proven to be that one component that brings out the beauty in you out i.e. it enhances your beauty from within. If the inner layer of your skin is perfect, it will show on the outer layer too. 

No drawback or adverse reactions reported that are linked to the use of ceramide. In fact in a wide study that took place on various women whose skin ranged from very dry to dry reported improvement in their skin health, women who complained about two toned skin noticed that uniformity in their complexion, wrinkles and fine lines seemed to have disappeared and they looked younger than their biological age. The women, all pleased with the positive changes in their skin were rejoiced and exclaimed that they had finally found their elixir of youth, after undergoing the needle and trying a gazillion products which otherwise promised them the same but failed to do so regardless of the length of time they used it for or no matter how costly it was. 

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