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Johnny Yu

Skin tone and its evenness are very important cosmetic concerns worldwide. While people in Asia want to achieve a lighter overall skin tone, people in Europe focus more on the reduction of hyperchromatic spots (age spots). People with ethnic skin,on the other hand, often suffer from an irregular skin appearance (mottled hyperpigmentation), so their main intention is the improvement of the evenness of skin tone. All of these concerns have been linked in the scientific literature to natural pathways of skin pigmentation. 

TEGO® Pep 4-Even is a preservative-free solution of Tetrapeptide-30 (Amino acid sequence Proline – Lysine – Glutamic Acid – Lysine; PKEK) in glycerin and water which is active on all kinds of skin types. It visibly dimishes hyperchromatic spots and brightens the skin. Additionally it is able to reduce acne lesions and to alleviate melasma on ethnic skin. Some applications for this product include skin lightening preparations, anti-aging preparations with correction of age spots & pigmentation disorders, anti-aging products for even skin tone, ethnic skin care, hand creams and Décolletté preparations. 

Tetrapeptide-30 Solution is a new peptide developed to balance skin tone. There are various mechanisms to brighten skin tone, including reducing or inhibiting tyrosinase activity, blocking melanin transfer into keratinocytes, and inhibition of melanocyte activation.  It is theorized that Tetrapeptide-30 Solution works by reducing the amount of tyrosinase and inhibiting melanocyte activation. 

In vivo skin lightening studies have shown Tetrapeptide-30 Solution to notably reduce yellow skin tone starting at 4 weeks and fading age spots after 8 weeks. It has been shown to significantly improve the overall appearance after 2 weeks and the evenness of skin tone after 4 weeks.  Skin lesion were significantly reduced after 4 weeks of use.  According to the manufacturer, its use with Sodium Ascorbly Phosphate, a Vitamin C derivative, has been shown to improve its performance significantly. All studies were performed at a usage rate of the peptide equivalent to 2.5% Tetrapeptide-30 Solution in the test formulation. 

TEGO® Pep 4-Even is a tetra peptide, which visibly dimishes hyperchromatic spots and brightens the skin. Additionally, TEGO Pep 4-Even is able to reduce acne lesions and to alleviate melasma on ethnic skin. 

Brightens skin and improves the evenness of skin tone 

Provides a significant anti-inflammatory effect 

Safely inhibits the pigmentation process and is skin friendly 

Preservative-free peptide solution 

Patent-protected application 

Shows good stability in formulation and is compatible with sunscreens 

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