Crow Feet, Wrinkles and Fine Lines around the Eyes.

Johnny Yu


Did you recently reach 35 and experience first sings of aging, or near 45-50 and much worried about how to keep your birthday a secret for at least 10 onward years. In this situation seeking different ways to get rid of wrinkles around eyes is probably your first agenda now a days.

According to Robin Ashinoff, a known dermatologist in New York, “Many women as well as men believe that aging process is inevitable, however you can really look younger with the information and technology we have today”. To help people sort out their problems related to wrinkles around eyes, we are discussing here some prominent causes of wrinkled skin around eyes with it remedy and cautions.

Leading causes of skin wrinkles around eyes

Dozens of studies document the impact that sunlight is the number 1 cause for wrinkles. According to one study on identical twins held by plastic surgeon Darrick Antell in New York, it was found that constant exposure to sun is more prominent cause of wrinkling than hereditary. Siblings who spent less time under sun has found fewer wrinkles and age complications as compared to those sun-worshipping twins. Use of sun-blockers and sunglasses is highly recommended to avoid skin problems.

Dehydration is also another cause related to wrinkles. Lack of water in body directly effect the skin and it look dry and rough, with prominent lines around your lips and eyes. This can be reduced by taking plenty of water especially chugging a glass of water before bed. You can also use certain moisturizers, lotions that keep your skin hydrated. Use of vitamin C, E and A along with carotenes also reduces the wrinkles.

Excessive stress on eyes due to late night work and lack of appropriate sleep is the second major cause of developing wrinkles around eyes. Our body in response to less sleep, produces large quantity of cholesterol that is the leading cause of heart diseases. It also reduces the thickness of skin. With adequate sleep, there is increased production of hCG (human chorionic growth hormone) that help skin fight against aging factor like wrinkles and make our skin more elastic. Jeannette Graf is a dermatologist in New Jesry says that “Even without the help of any product, you can reduce fine lines like ones around your eyes during sleep”. Adequate sleep of approximately 8 hours can reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Whether the cigarette smoke ages the skin or not, some of researches are still controversial, however dozen of studies suggest increase amount of proteases in smoker’s blood. Significant increase in collagenase and elastinase are associated with breakdown of collagen and elastin, the primary constituents of skin. Research on siblings at the Twin Research Unit at St. Thomas Hospital in London found that siblings who smoke constantly have skin more wrinkled as compared to those non-smokers. So do not let smoking ruin your skin.

Low intake of fibrous food, vegetables and fruits, less intake of anti-oxidants such as vitamin E and A, carotenes, over-squinting, and less use of moisturizers and sunglasses are also leading cause of wrinkles around the eyes.

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