Foods Are Aging You Beside Time

Johnny Yu

Nowadays everybody knows certain foods make your skin plump, but did you know that noshing on certain foods makes you look older. If that didn’t lift the curtain on your eyes read on and be surprised.

Sometimes slimmer waistline doesn’t cut it we want smooth skin with it too. For that treat sugar as public enemy number one. It breaks down collagen in the skin through a process called glycation resulting in formation of harmful new molecules called Advanced Glycation end products (AEG for short). AEGs lead premature aging, fine lines and wrinkles. Enough with the gloomy talk, here’s the good news stop eating sweet stuff and you can improve your complexion in just one week.

Trans-fat are the double offenders of the fat Multiverse. They raise your LDL (bad) cholesterol and lower your RDL (good) cholesterol, now isn’t double whammy. This combination not only is bad for your heart but it also leaves your skin stiff and inflexible. They attack youth promoting collagen spreading fine lines and wrinkles in their path. Rather than these repeat offenders go for healthy fat like mono and poly-unsaturated kind found in olive oil, coconut oil and nuts and fish.

Sometimes you are minding your own business and somebody says your skin looks puffy and bloated. You should respond by saying you eat too much salt. Slat can do many things other than make your meat dish delicious, like leading to dehydration, making skin look tired and wrinkled. Next time you are looking to spice your life, try fresh herbs.

You feel like you are awake but that much coffee actually makes you look tired. Coffee dehydrates your skin, making wrinkles more prominent and you won’t even need professional cameras. It also ages your smile by staining your teeth. So if you have a habit of morning cup of Jo, make sure to hydrate yourself throughout the day. If you can change your habits checkout green tea, which offers a caffeine boost with anti-aging benefits, now isn’t that much more promising.

Gold coated rusted iron. That’s what this is, artificial sweeteners may seem like good alternative too scary sugars but they give carvings for the real thing. So you might be taking more of it than you realize.

You know how Bonnie and Clyde were that’s how alcohol and aging go together, side by side. Wine beer and liquor all dehydrate the skin and deplete collagen levels, leading to wrinkles redness and puffiness. So, if aren’t satisfied with that it also ages your smile, by breaking down enamel and causing tooth decay. Great, another thing that causes multiple problems.

For those of you who are cola fans, here’s a pointer it contains sugar, salt, caffeine. The holy trinity of premature aging. It damages collagen and dehydrates the skin, making it look tired and puffy. The sweet drink is also highly acidic which can erode tooth enamel and damage you beautiful smile.  And don’t get me started on Energy drinks because if you thought cola was bad, energy drinks do it one better or more like eight better, since they do eight times more damage than sodas to tooth enamel.

So people stay away from these things and keep your skin healthy and fresh with youthful looks.

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