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Johnny Yu

How to prevent complications in chemical peel procedures? 
Over the years, the use of peels has evolved and today there are chemical peels that can be administered safely at home. People with varied skin problems can now take care of such skin issues just by purchasing the right grade of peel. Additionally, there may be no need to have the peel administered in a dermatologist’s office as certain grades are good for administering at home. 

Note that complications associated with applying a chemical peel may be immediate or belated. Immediate complications include burning and skin irritation. Complications that may occur later include scarring and hyper pigmentation. Whether you decide to have the peel done by a professional or you are confident you can do it yourself, there are a couple of things you can do to ensure you have a safe procedure free from complications. 

Pre Peel preparation 
Prior to applying any form of peel, it is important to adequately prepare the skin before the day of application of the peel. A good precaution is to avoid using any bleaching or waxing agent that may disturb the skin environment. The idea is to leave the skin in its natural condition as possibly as you can. About two weeks before the day of application, it may be advisable to use depigmenting agents and a lot of sunscreen. It is advisable to do a patch test each time you intend to use a peel of this nature. This will help detect any negative reactions early enough. 

Precautions during the peel 
During the peel procedure proper, if you are doing the peel at home, ensure to follow instructions as per the leaflet that came with the peel. Most reliable peel like the maxlife chemical peel will come with detailed instructions on how to apply the peel.  It is important to start by investing in a good chemical peel. Try doing your research on the internet. You should be able to get feedback on what constitutes a good peel and some that come highly recommended. Before applying the peel, make sure sensitive areas are covered with petroleum jelly. Before you apply the peel, ensure that all the products you will need are reachable most especially the neutralizing agent. The best way to do a peel is to peel less than to over peel. 

Precautions after Peel 
When you go through a chemical peel session, the skin will be overly sensitive and any wrong use of products could results in complications that could have well been avoided. That said, avoid using any rubbing movement on the skin. If you must use beauty products, make sure to use very mild ones at best use only water. After a peel, the skin will exfoliate and result in flakiness. Do not be tempted into forcing the flakes off the skin. They will fall off in their own time and with no skin damage. If you try to force them off, you may instead damage the skin in the process. Also use sunscreen on the skin whether you are indoors or outdoors. These sun rays do penetrate walls. 

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