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Johnny Yu

Is Vitamin E vital for skin as an antioxidant? 

Two of tocopheryl acetate and dl-alpha tocopherol are most popular Vitamin E for skin care product. 

It is necessary to improve the texture of skin by using essential natural remedies. The regular application of vitamin E is best for the improvement of your skin’s texture. It has been proven scientifically that vitamin E comes with restorative property. The oil of vitamin E is the main ingredient of numerous skincare products by top manufacturers. It works as a best skin moisturizer and sunscreen. Vitamin E has various anti-aging benefits and it also remove brown spots from the skin. You won’t find any cleanser better than oil of Vitamin E. 

Vitamin E is the best natural source to remove dark spots and wrinkles from the face. Some of the given points show the effectiveness of vitamin E on the skin and how it works: 

  • It reacts with reactive antioxidant species as an antioxidant. 
  • The energy from Ultraviolet Rays can be can be absorbed through vitamin E. 
  • It helps to overcome UV-induced free radical skin damage while plays important role in photo-protection. 
  • The anti-inflammatory property in this vitamin helps protect your skin from wrinkles. 
  • In winter season, people with dry skin suffer from skin redness and irritation. Vitamin E oil is highly recommended to use on affected areas whenever you feel dryness in the skin. 

Many of us don’t imagine exactly what this nutrient does for the skin. When your body produces free radicals taken by the skin from outside factors, it needs to get large amount of vitamin E in such case. Ultraviolet Light Rays can easily damage all healthy cells under your skin. Now that your body can’t produce it naturally, therefore, you need to get it from other sources. 

Products that contain this nutrient should be used internally as well as externally- the skincare products are based on creams, lotions, oil and many others etc. Foods that contain higher amount of vitamin E are Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Spices (Chili powder, paprika) and Spinach. Most of the manufacturers of skincare products use sunflower seeds and spinach extracts for adding as a Vitamin E ingredient. 

These days, markets are full of numerous skincare products that contain vitamin E. Such plenty of products is confusing for people who are looking to make a choice among series of products. Therefore, it is necessary to check the product reviews before adding it into the shopping cart. By applying and taking vitamin E products, it doesn’t mean that you leave your skin for longer hours under the sun. Prevention saves you from severe condition that only requires treatment. You should ask from your doctor about the best way of providing vitamin E to the skin. 

The below product has about 20% Vitamin E with other antioxidants like Retinol, Ubiquinone (CoQ-10), Oil based Vitamin C (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate), Beta Carotene and others. 

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