Introducing EXCELLENCE

Johnny Yu

Through years of experience, Excellence has developed a line of high quality home skin care products, based on latest developments in skin care and cosmetic technology. These products are designed with the help of doctors, aestheticians, and other licensed professionals, and has repeatedly sold out due to high demand in multiple countries, including the United States.

Our full line of products have not been sold in regular cosmetic stores but rather typically purchased by other professionals such as doctors, dermatologists, licensed skin care professionals, and a select group of patients who were recommended the products from their treating professionals. 

We invest all of our time in developing the best product possible for the lowest price for you, the consumer. We do not waste our money on fancy packaging and advertisements, which are costs which would make our products unnecessarily expensive for you. If you look at our product, we believe you will agree that our packaging is simple, elegant, and to the point, all the while serving its purpose of delivering our great product to you safely, and in a more affordable manner.

We like to recommend you I Max Base (Bright or Tint) for a light Make-Up whether you use any EXCELLENCE Skin Care products(s), any Regimen or not. We usually advise not to use heavy make-up with most BB creams, foundations or compact powder since those clog the pores, causing the skin to suffocate resulting enlarged pores. But I Max Base never clogs pores. But upon application, you will notice an immediate  brightening of the skin. It leaves the skin smooth, silky, and matte, without the messy oily residue. Unlike BB creams or other make-up, it washes off easily and effectively with just water and soap. Check I Max Base.

Oily, Dry and Combination skin:
Many people ask "May I ask if I can use this Standard Set? My skin is dry, oily or combination". The answer is "It doesn't matter. It can be used for any type of the skin. After you finish one or two sets of this Standard set or most other sets, your skin will be slightly oily, which is ideal." 
By the way, being too dry on the skin is the 1st enemy to the skin's ageing and health. And too oily may cause some skin troubles like acne or pimples.

Here is more information about EXCELLENCE like cautions, general directions and Tips, which we want you to read this information first before you start using I Max EXCELLENCE products.

While you are using EXCELLENCE Products, you may have some reactions such as a temporary burning, tingling sensation, skin irritation, redness, and/or painful symptoms as well as heightened skin sensitivity, and peeling. These are very normal and will be disappeared soon. But if it is too much for you, you may apply more #C. You may have to lessen the usage of #T like using every other or every 3 day #T, which is the strongest product which will bring you the amazing results.

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