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Johnny Yu

Great for a normal, dry and sensitive skin 
Beta glucan is well known for reducing irritation and inflammation to speed the healing of damaged tissues. Lesser known is that beta glucan has shown its ability to reduce sun damage and partial mild burns, rashes and even cuts and wounds. The means of action is through the stimulation of collagen synthesis, indicating its superior activity as an anti-aging active ingredient. 

Studies have shown that because it is able to penetrate and work its way through the inter-cellular matrix, and get to the lower levels where wrinkles are formed, it shows a marked improvement of wrinkles and their prevention. 

A product containing beta glucan might be one of the best as a post chemical peel product as soothing and moisturizing skin product because the skin might be usually extra dry or sensitive after or during the chemical peel procedure. 

The wonders of the natural ingredient beta glucan are not hidden from any one now a days. As from thousands of years, folk medicine healers had recognized that rubbing a paste, made of beta glucan onto the skin helped to relieve itching and pain and to help more quickly heal minor wounds. Beta Glucan is a linear biopolymer. Despite its high molecular weight beta glucan has been shown to penetrate deeply into the tissues to deliver advanced topical skin benefits. 

Beta glucan is a form of soluble fiber, extracted from plants, that helps to maintain a youthful appearance of skin. This compound works indirectly in the human immune system by activating the production of an important part of the immune system called the langerhan cells. The Langerhan cells are important both for over-all health and youthful looking skin. Unfortunately, over the course of aging, the production of Langerhan cells is slowed down by such factors as over-exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, contact with chemicals and the simple wear and tear of age. 

Beta glucan as an immune system guardian 
As the human body begins to slow down the production of these very important immune cells, when applied topically, beta glucan is quickly absorbed into the skin and is accepted by the immune system, starting a process that attacks invading bacteria and viruses. By using skin care products which contain beta glucan, the body receives this necessary compound to jump-start the process which results in the production of immune cells. Fresh, youthful skin cells are grown while the supporting structural cells are also continually maintained. Beta glucan is an immune system guardian; it works at such a basic and important level and in a completely natural way that it provides the best and most basic skin care protection. 

Wrinkle Reduced, Roughness Diminished and Skin Firmed 
In 2005, study published in the magazine of International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists, Dr Pillai and colleagues investigated skin penetration and anti-aging effects of topical beta glucan. In a penetration experiment on isolated skin sections, the researchers found that beta glucan penetrated the epidermis and reached the dermis by passing in the gaps between cells. By the end of the study, beta glucan treated areas fared significantly, with wrinkles and roughness diminishing by about 10-15%. Skin firmness has also been increased. 


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