Is I Max EXCELLENCE #03 Skin Recovery Set good for Thickening and Younger Skin?

Johnny Yu

Sensitive Skin?
There is no dermatological definition for sensitive skin but a lot of people (60%) think their skin is more or less sensitive. In most cases, their skin is not sensitive but too thin due to lack of collagen under the skin layer for the below reasons.

Reasons for Thin Skin:
Ageing, Low estrogen level and Excessive sun exposure
As people age, their bodies produce less of the components that support skin health and development. But aging is not the only cause of thinning skin, and the exposure to the sun breaks down collagen and the fibers that provide coherence to skin layers.
Over exfoliation
Tretinoin creams like Retin-A or Renova; vitamin A derivatives called retinoids and including retinal and retinyl palmitate; AHAs like glycolic, lactic, tartaric, malic, alpha-hydroxyethanoic or alpha-hydroxycaprylic acid and sugar cane extract; BHAs such as salicylic acid, TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid).
Laser treatment, Long term use of steroids products and Make-up
These are thinning out the skin.

Solutions for Thin Skin:
Have some healthy foods (including Omega-3) to delay ageing and synthesize collagen.
Use #30 SPF 30 (Sunscreen) whenever you go out. Put it every 4 hours during outdoor activity.
Do not use any chemical Peeling for skin exfoliation until your skin is completely recovered. Our #01 Standard Set has some exfoliation function.
And watch out Laser treatment, Long term use of steroids products and Make-up for your skin beauty and health.

How could you know your skin is too thin?
You may consult with a doctor. But there is a convenient and easy way.
1.  If you see any pink color (by showing the blood in the capillary) around the cheek bone after you was off your face and before you put any color make-up, it can be a sign that your skin might be too thin. 
2.  You must be more careful if you have a laser treatment within a year or if you have skin exfoliation too often.

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