Is it possible to rejuvenate my neck by lifting flabby skin and reducing Wrinkles?

Johnny Yu

Beautiful skin and wrinkle free face, who don’t dote for it? As time flows on the ageing of skin occurs, structure underlying skin breaks down, robbing faces of their sharpness, youthful plumpness and resilience. Skin’s self renewal system became slow a lot by time. Due to these factors facial muscles are weaken and skin starts to loose and sag. Beside sagging skin, one may also notice an increase in wrinkles and fine lines, especially on face. Skin may also look paler and more translucent, and it may become more sensitive.

The main scientific factor behind this sagging and flabby skin is due to loss of elastin and collagen (two main proteins that compact the skin) in skin structure because of which skin loses its self moisturizing components, resulting in dry and flabby skin with wrinkles. Some dermatologists say that once skin starts to loosen, pores often look larger, as if they have been stretched out of shape.

Yes, by stimulating collagen and elastin production in the middle layer of the skin (dermis), we can rejuvenate neck and face by lifting flabby skin and reducing wrinkles. Methods and techniques have been designed to meet the need of this problem of collagen and elastin loss in skin. One can also combat skin sagging by staying hydrated and incorporating keratin and vitamins A, B and E in their skin care routine.

Now a day’s there are lots of skin care products and several ways are being developed to deal with this sagging and wrinkles problem. Many chemical peels, creams, serums and moisturizers are being developed to meet the deficiency of Vitamins A, B and E and also proteins like collagen and elastin that affects the skin tone.

Regular topical use of products that contains vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl acid can lift away the top layer of dead skin cells, reducing the appearance of sagging and wrinkles.

As the skin is able to directly absorb Vitamin E so topical use of vitamin E based creams and a serum is effective in reducing the appearance of age spots and sagging.

According to University of Maryland’s medical center vitamin A repairs and maintains skin tissue and may reduce lines and wrinkles. So daily use of vitamin A based products help in rejuvenating the skin.

Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B, has shown the capability of slowing down aging and prevent sagging of skin. Niacinamide also helps skin retain its moisture, so creams containing this nutrient can help your complexion look plumper, firmer and younger. Vitamin B and niacinamide also facilitate an even skin tone and prevent swelling and irritation of your skin.

Keratin is a protein found in skin’s outer layer. As skin ages, the production of these fibers slows, resulting in thinning and sagging. Use of keratin based products stimulates the production of new cells and fibers. Skin care products featuring peptides and retinol, can also smooth skin and build collagen. Regular use results in increased moisture and added firmness to skin.

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