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Johnny Yu

Laminaria Saccharina Extract (Sea Algae) 

So you use different anti-aging skin products USA, but have you ever tried to know about their formulation? Do you know that a large amount of those anti-aging creams contains algae extract? Well, don’t haste to throw them in dustbin, read more to know how advantageous this green thing is! Yes, this secret of beauty from the sea is a reality. The nature has bestowed all essential powers on algae to blow aging effects and maintain skin beauty. 

Algae extract uses in skin products are common and highly beneficial to attain flawless, glowing and healthy skin. It is usually called “seaweed,” and works as hydrator, conditioner and food provider to skin. It detoxify through refilling necessary minerals and vitamins for your skin. It has handsome amount of antioxidants, therefore it safeguards your skin against harms by free radicals. It maintains the level of collagen cells in the skin by preventing the construction of enzyme. 

Latest researches indicate the algae extract has big amount of Alguronic Acid, which is helpful in boosting cell reproduction and elastin, which is a protein working deep in the skin to increase elasticity and strength. The biggest aging problem is that skin drops its elastin, which results in fine lines and wrinkled face. Skin also gets laugh signs, sagging and expression lines, like those in the middle of forehead. You skin becomes weaker and reaches at the edge of destruction. Your gradually increasing age and exposure to sun makes skin more droopy and rippled with all marks on it, and you confusedly search a skin solution. 

A little amount of algae even comprises Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), which is helpful in stirring skin cell generation and movement along with providing minerals and proteins to your skin in an amount bigger than milk from your mother’s breast. Algae also have plenty of enzymes, amino acid, fatty acids, DHA and nucleic acids. Amino acid uses for flawless, healthy and prideful skin are just worth mentioning. Hence, the overall effects of algae extract on your skin include, 

  • It gives skin supple and soft touch, 
  • Your skin gets flawless, even tone, 
  • It protects your face and body against dangerous ultra-violet rays when you are exposed to sunlight, 
  • It gives your skin radiance, glow, scar free young and healthy appearance, 
  • Removes aging marks to an extent which will blow your mind, 
  • And fights off almost all types of skin problems like harm by free radicals.  


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