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Johnny Yu

Since primeval era, plants have been undiminished basis of products conventionally used for medicinal and skin care purposes. In our highly technological era, natural substances of plant origin remain major active ingredients of numerous skin care and cosmetic products. When talking about the latest skin care ingredients we obviously can’t miss the stem cells. Plant stem cells are the modern day anti-aging super ingredients. So today we are going to look into one of the most powerful stem cell ingredient, Leontopodium Alpinum. 

Leontopodium alpinum or Edelweiss is herbaceous plant of the family Asteraceae which grows on mountain ranges from the Pyrenees and the Alps to the Himalayas. It is an exceptional and strictly secluded plant and with its characteristic appearance, it has become the icon of Alpine flora. For its survival in extreme conditions and low temperatures where it grows, the Edelweiss plant has had to develop many protective mechanisms to protect itself from high level exposure to UV radiation. 

Scientific studies have shown that edelweiss contains phytochemicals such as Chlorogenic acid, Luteolin, Bisabolane derivatives, and beta Sitosterol which demonstrates powerful antioxidants properties and also other substances with both anti-inflammatory and cytoprotective properties. 

High Anti-oxidant 
Due to its high anti-oxidant properties leontopodium alpinum stem cells have powerful free radical scavenging properties. By inhibiting the free radicals it help improves the skin structure. The free radicals which cause the cells to loosen their shape when inhibited the skin regain its former glow and have the supple look. 

Moisturizing effect on skin 
Topical use of leontopodium stem cells has moisturizing effect on skin. It helps skin regain 
its water level. And give it more fresh and youthful look. That’s why many skin care products relating moisturizers are using this ingredient. 

Powerful Anti-Aging properties 
It has also shown the powerful anti-aging properties. Use of leontopodium alpinum stem cells topically prevents the collagen and elastic loss. Besides inhibiting it also improves the production of collagen which helps improve the skin firmness and restructure the skin to its former younger look. It also helps prevent the photo-aging, age spots and fine lines. By doing so it improves the flabby skin and helps it by giving it a lift and flexibility. 

Powerful Anti-Wrinkles properties 
It has also shown the powerful anti-wrinkle properties. Topical application of alpinum stem cells help improves the frown lines and crow feet wrinkles. It also helps improve the skin inflicted by deep wrinkles and scars. The micro-wrinkles near the eyes are also smoothens out by regular use of it. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties it also helps the acne prone skin. It inhibits the hyper-pigmentation. 

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