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Johnny Yu

Hyaluronic acid is among the best discovery in our present era. 

Hyaluronic acid also known as Glycosaminoglycan is a gel-like substance that occurs naturally in animal tissue such as skin and cartilages where it plays several role in absorbing shocks, regulating, lubricating, and protection. These vital features of Hyaluronic acid gives it is moisturizing effect. Hyaluronic acid is a predominant component in most medical and anti-aging therapies and according to National institutes of Health, it’s essential for healing of wounds, repair of tissues and regenerating dead skins. 

Research shows that high presence of Hyaluronic acid results in younger, elastic and smoother skins. On the other hand, reduction of this acid in tissues results in roughness, sagging, dryness or aging of the skin, and also fatigue in the joint.  Hyaluronic acid serum gels was developed for this cause to reduce fatigue and stress of the joints and most especially to abate dryness, fine lines, wrinkles, aging, etc. by restoring smoothness of the skin. 

It’s no more a fairy tale that virtually all skin products claim to contain this natural and powerful product – “Hyaluronic acid”, but an outstanding Hyaluronic acid serum products will be one that has the affinity to retain the quantity of this natural product in the skin and also one that is completely produced with non-synthetic ingredients that should pose no treats to the skin when applied. 

Wrinkles or sagging are caused by dehydration in the skin. Hyaluronic acid has strong affinity for moisture which aids it to lubricate and maintain the formation of Collagen; an amino acid substance found in the body, which in turns smoothen and reduce wrinkles or roughness of the skin. This act is made possible because it creates an environment for the birth and growth of new cells after the death of old ones which prompts dryness and/or wrinkles. 

Does anyone out there feel like turning back the hands of the clock? Do you feel like moving back 20 years younger today? Do you feel like reclaiming back your youthful look? Then it’s high time you started taking advantage of products that contains Hyaluronic acid. 

Beauty creams and serums containing Hyaluronic acid when applied to the skin are easily absorbed and serves as antidotes to aging such as dryness, fine lines, roughness, and wrinkles, as Hyaluronic acid helps to moisten the skin, thus creating last longing elasticity and smoothness. 

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