Product: I Max Firming & Lifting Neck Cream Reducing Wrinkle & Sagged Skin fortified by Stem Cells, NanoLiposome, EGF, Peptides, Ceramides, Retinol, Vitamin Bs, C & E for men & women. | MaxLife News

Johnny Yu

I MAX intensive concentrated neck cream transforms the look of your neck in just 30 days, revealing the more beautiful and younger appearance that you have within. This cream is an irreplaceable addition to anybody’s skin care regime and should not be overlooked when choosing anti-aging and correcting products. Whether you are a man or woman, looking after the quality of your skin, especially on your neck is imperative to achieve that youthful look for a prolonged period of time. We cannot avoid aging, however, we can avoid the signs for a period of time with the correct choice of beauty products. 

  • The new I Max Advanced Nanoliposome and Stem Cell Intensive Concentrate for Neck Wrinkles is formulated with Wrinkle Repair Complex. This hydrating moisturizer harnesses the latest advances in skincare science to target Collagen III, also known as youth collagen, for even more powerful anti-aging results that will bring out new confidence in your own skin. You will no longer have to worry about the signs of future aging around your neck, or your skin unexpectedly drying out causing a more aged appearance. I Max neck cream tackles the signs of aging in one product, which has extremely beneficial effects. 
  • A series of scientifically-designed studies proves the following effects: • Significantly diminishes the number, length and depth of lines and wrinkles giving a more youthful appearance. • Targets youth collagen and elastin for healthy, younger looking skin, making you feel more confident. • Hydrates and visibly enhances skin texture • Strengthens the skin barrier to maximize skin performance SD Advanced goes beyond wrinkles to help transform the look of stretch marks, too. I Max neck cream boasts of many benefits, which can be immediately noticed when used. Your skin will experience: • Maximum firmness immediately • Firm and extremely smooth skin on the neck • Naturally boosted collagen & elastin • Complete long-term benefits after use • Diminishing of stubborn wrinkles and folds. With such an impactful range of results, it is clear to understand why many people are turning to I Max neck cream to solve the issue of aging round their neck, from the first signs to mature aging. For the best results, please follow the directions below: • Apply to clean skin, morning and/or evening. • Use gentle massage motions, working downwards from chin to chest. • Exfoliate twice a week for optimal results. 
  • Firming Neck Therapy contains a combination of highly advanced and potent Phospholipids and Tocotrienols to address all neck area concerns where the signs of age first appear, and with time become more difficult to correct and reverse. These irreversible skin problems can cause lack of confidence within both men and woman and with the help of this cream; nobody will have to suffer with such a problem. This unique formulation helps tone, tighten and form a barrier to increase the appearance of skin’s overall elasticity and thickness while nourishing and hydrating skin. It nourishes and hydrates the skin to help minimize developing lines, wrinkles and crepiness. It is odorless, non-greasy, non-staining and easily absorbs into the skin, making it easy to use with or without make up. Regimen: Use it with Retinol, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Beta Carotene, CoQ-10 Oil-Based Antioxidant Serum or Lumina Skin Lightening, Illuminating, Soothing Serum for the synergistic effects. 

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