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Johnny Yu

Developing and maintaining a solid skincare routine is one of the most significant aims of keeping soft, youthful and clear skin. It’s best to start at younger ages, when the key to success is mostly focused on prevention. One of the best preventative measures to take is to keep the skin regularly hydrated, nourished and supported, which can be achieved with a high-quality Vitamin C Serum. 

Where to start? 
The best place to start is by paying attention to the ingredients that you are using on your skin and gaining a good understanding of what those components are doing to your skin. Learning and paying attention to your own skin will serve you well now and in the long run. It will provide the needed clues as to what works and what doesn’t work for your particular skin type. 

When to start with a Vitamin C enriched product? 
As all human beings age, collagen production declines and free radicals become chaotic. Free radicals cause a breakdown in the skin’s foundational structure, leading to early wrinkles and other signs of aging. To combat those free radicals, a powerful serum, like MaxLife USA’s 21% Vitamin C, can be used to halt their effects, neutralize them and serve as a strong antioxidant to fight against these visible signals of degradation. 

While most people think of Vitamin C as only something to be consumed internally, which it should be.  Applying a serum, lotion or cream topically to the skin specifically helps to address, target and penetrate the skin, attacking fine lines and wrinkles, to reveal smoother and a more youthful appearance. It has also been reported to be 20x stronger when applied topically thank ingested internally. 

MaxLife USA’s 21% serum contains a significant amount of Vitamin C (L-absorbic acid) as well as other ingredients that help to stabilize and increase its effectiveness. This concentration also includes: 

  • Ferulic Acid, which is a vigorous antioxidant that is known to replenish the skin and reduce wrinkles. It also helps to balances the sizeable amount of Vitamin C in this particular serum. 
  • Glutathione is another potent antioxidant that has a reciprocal (or interactive) relationship with Vitamin C in the body. When glutathione is active, it helps to regenerate Vitamin C and limit the oxidative possibilities of it (or in other words, limit the possibility of the Vitamin C from becoming ineffective). The biggest problem with Vitamin C lotions or serums is how to stabilize the ingredients so that they don’t become oxidized and inefficient. 

Specifically, this serum is also charged with argon and nitrogen gases, which further helps to reduce the oxidation effects. Another significant factor that sets MaxLife USA’s Vitamin C formula ahead of the rest is that it’s also created without the use of any fillers, preservatives, or any additional or random oils, fragrances or coloring agents. 

What does this information mean for your skin? 

  • Removes and Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines, Wrinkles; Enhances Collagen Production (which fights flabby or saggy skin): 21% formula of L-Absorbic Acid (Vitamin C): Maximum strength concentration delivers an increased potential for efficacy and success in building collagen. Collagen is important because it helps to support the skin’s structure (including firmness, suppleness and integrity). Collagen is needed and occurs all over the body. When collagen breaks down, degradation occurs, creating visible signs of aging like wrinkles. This formula fights to prevent and combat that degradation.  
  • Lightens/Brightens the Skin Tone; Reduces and Removes the Appearance of Age Spots and/or Melasma; Balances Dark, Uneven and Dull Skin, 

Reduces and Attacks Acne, Blemishes and Pimples: 
Ferulic Acid, working with Vitamin C and Glutathione, works hard to balance and even out the skin tone as well as attack and fight against free radicals. Free radicals cause the skin to appear dull and weak. This concentration has a moisturizing, lightening effect, which works to hydrate the skin and repair damaged skin cells that can lead to dark spots, acne scars and uneven skin tones. 

  • Defends against UV Damage: This formula (as a whole) also works hard to attack and restore the skin from the damage that has been done by UV exposure. 

The Good News for your Skin: 
As human beings age in a modern and fast-paced society, full of stress and a multitude unhealthy habits and activities, one will need high-quality products that help to prevent and lessen the inevitable negative results. 21% formula of L-Absorbic Acid (Vitamin C) is the perfect complement and routine staple that can provide the much needed vitamin supplementation for clearer, youthful and more supple skin. It has the right formulaic concentration of the right ingredients to provide the support needed to thrive in the modern era.  

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