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Taking care of the skin after a chemical peel 
Chemical peels have become popular over the years and have moved from being done in doctor’s offices to being done at home. Today there are many products in the market that are being sold as home grade chemical peels. This has meant that a lot of people can now have access to such peels at home and its associated benefits. 

However, while these peels may offer many beauty benefits when done correctly, they can also be dangerous if not properly applied. In any case, many people have realized that the time after the peel is the most important one. This is because the skin has gone through some form of trauma thanks to the application of the peel and needs time recover. For most people who are trying to solve particular skin problems, they may be tempted to continue immediately with harsh skin treatments in a bid to fasten the removal of the skin problem. However, this can prove detrimental to the skin that needs time and a lot of gentle treatment after such a procedure. If you are one of those that have done a chemical peel treatment of late find below on how to take care of the skin after the procedure. 

Go gentle on the skin 
After using a good and clinically tested peel like maxlife chemical peel, you really need to take it easy on the skin. Avoid any harsh soaps and facial washes and also avoid rubbing the face. After a peel, the skin is very sensitive and any rough handling could lead to bruises and scarring. 

Avoid the sun and use SPF 
When your skin is this sensitive like it turns to be after using a peel, you want to try and avoid the sun. Even under good skin condition, the sun is no friend to the skin talk less of when new skin has recently been exposed. If you must go out in the sun, ensure to use as much SPF as you possibly can. Remember that if you will be staying long hours in the sun, you may have to reapply SPF lotion ever so often. 

Make use of antioxidants 
After a peel, the skin is stimulated to produce a lot of free radicals. These free radicals are no good to the skin and should be put immediately under control. You should make use of products with high antioxidant contents to control these free radicals. 

While the above should be done in moderation, the following are things to avoid after you go through a chemical peel session 

  • After a peel, the skin will flake and if you are like most people, you will end up trying to remove these flakes. However, it is better to let the dried flakes which are actually dried skin fall off on their own. If you force to Avoid picking the skin as this may only lead to inflammation and imposed scarring 
  • Also avoid exfoliation no matter how tempting it may be. It is better to let the skin heel naturally 

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