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Johnny Yu

Tranexamic acid in Skin Care 

Getting a lighter skin tone always draws a lot of interest, as for centuries, fair or light skin color has been a symbol of prominence and confidence in many men and women. The human skin color is one of the most noticeable phenotypic variations among humans and is determined primarily by the type and amount of melanin synthesized within the melanocytes. There are many products in the market that claim to reduce the melanin and help improve the skin tone. But very few of them have the right ingredients to do so. Tranexamic acid is one of such ingredients used in such skin whitening products that deemed fit to its mentioned results. 

Tranexamic acid is a synthetic amino acid that functions as a skin-conditioning agent and astringent. It is derived from the amino acid lysine; it is used in during surgery to control bleeding, including from dental surgery. In cosmetics, it functions on skin as a barrier repair ingredient and seems able to help skin recover from damage. 

Research shows that tranexamic acid also has an inhibitory effect on melanin production, meaning topical applications helps improve brown skin discolorations associated with melasma, unsightly pigmentation spots, be it due to sun exposure, skin inflammation or hormonal changes. 

Tranexamic Acid prevents sun spots from appearing by fighting hyper-pigmentation and blocking melanin formation. It also helps prevent melanin accumulation resulting in avoiding marks left by skin lesion such as pimples. By inhibiting tyrosinase activity it lightens the existing spots by controlling melanin synthesis and dispersing existing melanin. After entering the dermis, it also increases collagen synthesis directly and thoroughly cuts off the channel for the formation of melanin due to ultraviolet irradiation. By doing this all its infect is helping skin to be lighter and have wonderful hue. 

On top of being a great anti-pigment ingredient, tranexamic acid is extra gentle, helps fight inflammation and has no known side effect. This all around ingredient is ideal for all skin types, from the most sensitive to the oiliest, whether acne prone or dry. 

It helps minimize dark spot area due to sun burn. By acting on the chronic mild inflammatory condition at the sites of spots, to suppress melanocyte activation, it has shown anti-inflammatory properties. By inhibiting the skin roughness it has shown the properties of moisturizing agent. It restores damaged skin caused by UV, pollution or environmental factors. 

Tranexamic acid prevents the binding of plasminogen originating from endothelial cells, to keratinocytes, which is thought to be a possible mechanism for melasma treatment. 

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