Typical issues with make-up:

Johnny Yu

Make-up used with most BB creams or foundations clog the pores, causing the skin to suffocate. This forces the pores to widen in order to "breathe", a process that makes the skin look more dark, loose, and old. It also makes the skin lose its elasticity, making it dull and unattractive. Most women use more make-up to cover up the mess that was caused by such inferior products, creating a vicious cycle. Using too much make-up makes the skin to appear sticky and tacky, and can be easily smeared especially when oil and sweat begins to accumulate. Constant use of compact powder to cover up the mess just makes the problem worse, making the skin look shabby and coarse. This habit can cause drying of the skin which can lead to wrinkles. Getting the make-up off can be a hassle as well. Even with the use of make-up removers, it is common for the pores to be left clogged and unhealthy. The clogging of the pores is the enemy to a beautiful, healthy looking skin.

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