What are post chemical peel serums and creams?

Johnny Yu

Complications from Chemical Peels:
Note that complications associated with using a chemical peel product may be immediate or belated. These may be skin burning, irritation, pains, redness, swelling, dryness and flaking.

Benefit of Post Chemical Peel Products:
Using these Post Chemical Peel products before, during and after Chemical Peels is to ensure a safer procedure of chemical peels with less complications.

How do we use post chemical peel serums and creams?
After you finish the chemical peel as instructed and towel dry, apply post chemical peel serum, cream or mixture of these generously and let stay day long or over night.

Excellent for daily Routine:
These products are also excellent for extra sensitive or dry skin for a daily routine since they are formulated for the skin undergoing chemical peel procedure which causes the skin extremely sensitive and dry.

MaxLife USA, Inc offers serums and creams types of post chemical products, which are very effective to soothe, calm, hydrate the skin before, during and after Chemical Peels.

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