Chemical Peeling

Hyaluronic Acid-Post Chemical Peel & Moisturizing Skin Serum


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Hyaluronic Acid-Post Chemical Peel & Moisturizing Skin Serum

Hyaluronic Acid Serum with Dipeptides, Plant Stem Cell and MSM

Healing, Soothing and Rejuvenating Skin

This cream is excellent for the regular, dry and extra sensitive skin as a daily route skin care and also great during or after chemical peel. See Post Chemical Peel

This cream helps
  1. plump the skin with moisture
  2. hydrate skin       
  3. remove fine lines
  4. delay skin aging

Hyaluronic Acid in this  cream is excellent skin solution rich in splendid natural skin plumper with moisture  in your skin to keep away fine lines, which are a threatening age sign.......

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1. Wash face thoroughly with cleanser. 2. Apply it on your face two times a day and massage lightly. 3. For a synergistic effects, combine with our other or post chemical peel cream or serum (Beta Glucan cream, Collagen cream/serum, Ceramide cream/serum, Lumina Lightening Serum, Retinol serum) or your favorite daily cream.

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