I Max Base for Make-Up

Max Life USA, Inc

Regular price $ 125.00

Are you satisfied with your current BB cream?

It is a great Moisturizer, Brightener, Anti-Aging, Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Fatigue, Anti-Oxidant.

It also Instantly Brightens Face, Easily Washed off, Unclogs the Pores, Light, Matte and Silky Smoothens the skin.

Typical issues with make-up: 

Product Details:


Apply on entire face after you apply any skin care products but before applying any make-up. May apply one or two more coats for touch-up even on top of make-up during the day. Product will change from liquid to dry powder to give you r skin a silky and matte look.
Use the spatula provided for your convenience and safe hygiene.

White and Light Brown:
I Max Base is available in two colors. "Bright" (white) and "Tint". Bright is a great choice for those who like to brighten and freshen their skin while keeping their natural skin tone. Tint is great for lightly covering up uneveness and discoloration of the skin. You can customize the color for your specific needs by mixing Bright and Tint. These products do not clog the pore, keeping it young and healthy. If imperfections show, use a concealer on top.

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