I Max Wrinkle Reducing for Antiwrinkle, Antiageing & Lifting-1.7 Oz


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Excellent Antiwrinkle & Antiageing Cream for men & Women.  

This cream reduces wrinkles, erases fine lines, lifts sagged skin by enhancing skin cell renewal and collagen boosting. 

This cream helps       

  • 1. remove fine lines 
    2. make deep wrinkles shallow
    3. enhance collagen synthesis 
    4. improve texture of skin 
    5. enhance clarity of skin 
    6. tighten the loose skin 
    7. increase elasticity of skin
    8. soften the skin like silk exfoliating the old dead skin, which uncovers a beautiful youthful-looking skin 
  • Directions:

    Before you start using this, please read all about Directions, Caution, Recommendation, Legal Disclaimer, Side Effects, Chemical peel, Warnings and Sunburn Alerts.

    Apply gently over the whole face twice daily in the morning and evening, avoiding the eye  and neck area. Since the user's personality and skin are all different, there are no strict rules about  the amount, the number of uses and etc. Just watch the skin's response and adjust the  amount and frequency. 

    After you achieve the goal (e.g. spots faded enough or completely erased), you may have to maintain the youthful and beautiful skin by using it every other day.

    FYI, the lesser amount you use it , the smaller results will come. The more, the more remarkable results, of course.

    If you have any side effects including burning or tingling sensation, heightened skin sensitivity, redness and peeling noted upon initial contact, consider these as normal (side) effects even on the normal skin when you use this. Use Calming Moisturizer Cream or consult with a doctor if the skin condition is still severe and lasts long. Compared with I Max Total Rejuvenating Skin Care, this is much more moderate, cause the side effects far less and you don't need Calming Moisturizer Cream as much as Spot Reducer Cream.

    You may still have to wear the sunscreen (I Max Excellence SPF 50) every 4 hours when you go out. 

    The exfoliation of dead skin cells is a common occurrence to the most 1st time users. This  symptom is normal and will be celebrated as old skin will fall off and new and young baby skin will be born. If you touch it with your hands, you can feel silky skin.


    1.  Isn't this strong enough for you?
    If you want more effective and fast results, we like to recommend you to use  I Max Total Rejuvenating Skin Care -1.0 Oz. This is more powerful and you will see the results sooner. But the reaction is stronger.
    2.  Is your skin too dry while using this?
    You may feel your skin very dry because the old dead skin cells are rapidly exfoliated by this product. You may use I Max EXCELLENCE #E Eye Cream to keep it moisturized. You may carry it out so you can use anytime. This is an excellent moisturizing cream not just for eye area but also for the whole face that you use daily.
    2.  Is your skin too thin already?
    Since this is pretty mild, you don't have to worry. But if you like to know, check you skin around cheekbone after you wash but before color make-up. If it is pinkish, it might be too thin to use this product. To thicken and strengthen skin by replenisment of the micro collagen, use I Max EXCELLENCE #C Collagen Cream 4 Oz. This is also a wonderful nourishing cream you use daily.


    1. Never use manual exfoliators nor scrubbing brushes within 48 hours of using a peel.  
    2. Never use chemical peel products on the open or inflamed skin.  
    3. Do not touch baby’s skin.  
    4. Cleanse your face with water or mild soap substitute that does not include Alpha Hydroxy Acid or any chemical peeling solutions, scrubbing qualities or exfoliation.  
    5. Again, do not peel, rub, or scratch your skin at any time, whatsoever. 


    Keep this in a cool and dry place. Avoid the extreme hot and cold temperature. 

    Legal Disclaimer:

    User assumes all risk of damage or  injury to the skin or body caused by using this product.

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