Hair Regrowth

I Max EXCELLENCE Hair Regrowth System are for both men and women. Female and male pattern baldness is usually not a sign of an underlying medical disorder. However, hair loss can both affect self-esteem and cause anxiety. It is a common myth that hair loss is permanent and incurable. But I Max EXCELLENCE Hair Regrowth System can give you a great chance at improving this problem if products are used for at longest 6 months.

I Max EXCELLENCE Hair Regrowth System consists of #S Cleansing Shampoo, #HC Hair Conditioner, #HA Hair Serum am, #HP Hair Serum pm and #HR Hair Regrowth Supplement (120 Capsules, 1-2 month supply). These are the most perfect and powerful combination of hair regrowth system, specially formulated to contribute to stopping hair loss, breaking and thinning hair. 

I Max EXCELLENCE Hair Regrowth System effectively blocks DHT (dihydrotestosterone), which shrinks hair follicles, thinning, and losing hair. It also provides hair & scalp with the most valuable nutrients like Stem Cells, Peptides, Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Oils and etc, which are absolutely required to keep the hair, follicles and scalp healthy. 

Most customers see immediate results in not losing hair, hair thickness, manageability, and shine however maximum results in hair growth can take weeks to months to occur. But for the best results, use for at least 6 months and utilize the complete I Max EXCELLENCE Hair Regrowth System including our Hair Regrowth Supplement that nourishes hair from the inside out to achieve full, thick and healthy looking hair. Do not miss using them every day even during your travel. We have travel sizes for Cleanser, Conditioner and Supplements for your convenience.