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I Max Brows Conditioner Stem Cell & Nanoliposome.


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I Max Brows Conditioner Stem Cell & Nanoliposome.
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  • Directions: I Max Brow Conditioner is very easy to use. Apply from inner to outer brows by sweeping brush slowly and rubbing softly with index finger in the morning and/or evening. Note: This product contains Menthol which may help actives (Brow Growth Factors) penetrate into the skin and provide refreshing and cooling effect on skin. But it is very irritating to the eyes.
  • Caution: This product is irritating to the eyes and not an eyelash conditioner. Use I Max Eyelash conditioner or I Max Eyeliner Conditioning Lash for longer, fuller and thicker Lashes.
  • I Max Brows Conditioner exclusively for Eyebrow. I Max Brows Conditioner is a product designed to help men and women maximize the beauty of their own natural brows. Easy to use, without side effects, and scientifically tested, this product can significantly increase your beauty and keep you healthy in the process. This product is best formulated exclusively for eyebrow and cannot be used for eyelash. Other manufacturers sell eyelash conditioners for eyebrow re-growth. This is not right since the skin below the eye line and skin under the eyebrow are different. While we have successfully tested I Max Eyelash Conditioner to work for eyebrow re-growth as well, we recommend that you use our Brow Conditioner for your eyebrows. Using the same application brush for both your eye line and your eyebrow may cause contamination of the eye line. The eye line is very sensitive, while the skin blow the eyebrows is thick. We have optimized the formulation and application brush for each product, Eyelash Conditioner and Brow Conditioner.
  • Features: It is fortified by Stem Cell and Nanoliposome. I Max Brow Conditioner is made with the most advanced and powerful formula clinically proven to thicken and nourish only eyebrows. It has natural peptides, multiple vitamins, botanical extracts and other ingredients and it is fortified by stem cell and nanoliposme. It helps condition, nourish and revitalize the over-plucked, thin and uneven brows. By using I Max Brow Conditioner once or twice a day, you will get more confidence with more, thicker and stronger eyebrows within weeks (mostly 4-12 weeks).

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