I Max EXCELLENCE #03 Aggressive Regimen Set for Rejuvenating, Lightening, Tightening Skin, Reducing Lines & Wrinkles.

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I Max EXCELLENCE Skin care products is really professional, which can bring you a surprising effect if you use it properly after you read all information. Introduction of Products.
If you start using I Max EXCELLENCE Skin care products for the first time, this standard set is highly recommended for the most users to begin unless the skin is too thin or sensitive. The set has additional 3 products of #3, #4p and #R with basic 6 products and will be used about 4-5 months by one user. 4 months is just average but it could be longer or shorter depending on the quantity of usage. The more you apply, the sooner you see the results.

Oily, Dry and Combination skin:

This set is very potential for Rejuvenating, Lightening, Tightening Skin, Reducing Lines & Wrinkles, which is overall skin’s beauty and health.

1.  Wash your face with warm water using our #1 Facial Cleanser; be sure to rub the product all over your face and to massage it into your skin for a few seconds. 
2.  Using a cotton pad, gently wipe your face and neck using our #2 Clarifying Toner. 
3.  Apply #3 gently once a day (preferably in the morning) evenly over the face, avoiding the eye and neck areas. Wash off after 5 minutes.
4.  On the back of your hand, pre-mix creams of #4p, #A, #C, #E와 #R (morning and evening). Gently apply the mixed product onto your face.
 This mixture is very potential.
5.  Add #T cream to the above pre-mix creams only in the evening.
6.  Apply #30 Sunscreen Cream in the morning. If you have outdoor activity under the sun, apply #30 Sunscreen Cream every 4 hours.

You may have some reactions such as a temporary burning, tingling sensation, skin irritation, redness, and/or painful symptoms as well as heightened skin sensitivity, and peeling. These are very normal and will be disappeared soon. But if it is too much for you, you may adjust the amount of the mixture (Lessening) or the number of usage. You may use every other or every 3 day #3, #4p and #T, which are the strongest products which will bring you the amazing results. If you want the faster results, you may increase the quantities and numbers of usage.

We like to recommend you I Max Base (Bright or Tint) for a light Make-Up whether you use any EXCELLENCE Skin Care products(s), any Regimen or not. We usually advise not to use heavy make-up with most BB creams, foundations or compact powder since those clog the pores, causing the skin to suffocate resulting enlarged pores. But I Max Base never clogs pores. But upon application, you will notice an immediate  brightening of the skin. It leaves the skin smooth, silky, and matte, without the messy oily residue. Unlike BB creams or other make-up, it washes off easily and effectively with just water and soap. Check I Max Base.

Please read all cautions, side effects and legal disclaimer before you start using.

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