I Max EXCELLENCE #04 Skin Rehabilitation Set for Extra Thin and Sesitive Skin.

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I Max EXCELLENCE Skin care products and sets are uniquely specialized for different conditions of the skin. There is healthy, normal, too thin, weak or even sensitive skin. This #04 Skin Rehabilitation Set is for those whose skin is too thin and so-called sensitive skin. Introduction of Products.

If your skin is too thin, before using I Max EXCELLENCE Standard Treatment, this Skin Recovery (Rehabilitation) set is highly recommended to begin. The set is composed of 3 addtional products of #LA, #R and # M with the Basic 6 products of #1, #2, #A, #C, #E and #30 and will be used about 3-4 months by one user. 3-4 months is just average but it could be longer or shorter depending on the quantity of usage. The more you apply, the sooner you see the result of thicker and healthier skin.

This set is for Thickening, Younger Skin & Foundation of Standard Treatment.

Sensitive Skin?
There is no dermatological definition for sensitive skin but a lot of people (60%) think their skin is more or less sensitive. In most cases, their skin is not sensitive but too thin due to lack of collagen under the skin layer for the below reasons.

Reasons for Thin Skin:
Ageing, Low estrogen level and Excessive sun exposure
As people age, their bodies produce less of the collagen to support skin health. But ageing is not the only reason for thinning skin, and the excessive sun exposure may destroy collagen and the fibers.
Over exfoliation
Tretinoin creams like Retin-A or Renova; vitamin A derivatives called retinoids and including retinal and retinyl palmitate; AHAs like glycolic, lactic, tartaric, malic, alpha-hydroxyethanoic or alpha-hydroxycaprylic acid and sugar cane extract; BHAs such as salicylic acid, TCA (Trichloroacetic Acid).
Laser treatment, Long term use of steroids products and Make-up
These are thinning out the skin.

Solutions for Thin Skin:
Have some healthy foods (including Omega-3) to delay ageing and synthesize collagen. 
Use #30 SPF 30 (Sunscreen) whenever you go out. Put it every 4 hours during outdoor activity.
Do not use any chemical Peeling for skin exfoliation until your skin is completely recovered. Our #01 Standard Set has some exfoliation function. 
And watch out Laser treatment, Long term use of steroids products and Make-up for your skin beauty and health.

How could you know your skin is too thin?
You may consult with a doctor. But there is a convenient and easy way. 
1.  If you see any pink color (by showing the blood in the capillary) around the cheek bone after you was off your face and before you put any color make-up, it can be a sign that your skin might be too thin. 
2.  You must be more careful if you have a laser treatment within a year or if you have skin exfoliation too often.

1.  Wash your face with warm water using our #1 Facial Cleanser; be sure to rub the product all over your face and to massage it into your skin for a few seconds. 
2.  Using a cotton pad, gently wipe your face and neck using our #2 Clarifying Toner. 
3.  Apply #LA gently twice a day (preferably in the morning and evening) evenly over the face, the eye and neck areas. Do not wash off.
4.  On the back of your hand, pre-mix creams of #C, #E,#R and #A. Gently apply the mixture onto your face. 
5.  Apply #30 Sunscreen Cream in the morning. If you have outdoor activity under the sun, apply #30 Sunscreen Cream every 4 hours.

Adding #VC serum is an excellent idea after your skin is recovered or calmed down.
We like to recommend you I Max Base (Bright or Tint) for a light Make-Up whether you use any EXCELLENCE Skin Care products(s), any Regimen or not. We usually advise not to use heavy make-up with most BB creams, foundations or compact powder since those clog the pores, causing the skin to suffocate resulting enlarged pores. But I Max Base never clogs pores. But upon application, you will notice an immediate  brightening of the skin. It leaves the skin smooth, silky, and matte, without the messy oily residue. Unlike BB creams or other make-up, it washes off easily and effectively with just water and soap. Check I Max Base.

Please read all cautions, side effects and legal disclaimer before you start using.

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