I Max EXCELLENCE #SPF 30 Sunscreen Cream 2 Oz

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I Max EXCELLENCE #SPF 30 Sunscreen Cream 2 Oz

Sunscreen SPF (Sun Protection Factor) 30 for Skin Protection. Helps prevent sunburns. This product is an over-the-counter drug (OTC). NDC (The National Drug Code-42952-101-12). This sunscreen stops chemically UV radiations (UVA and UVB) to penetrate the skin layers. It provides therefore effective protection from the skin damaging effects of the sun rays by absorbing UV-light. It is fortified by Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (oil soluble Vitamin C) and Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E) for further protection of the skin.

Key Ingredients:
Avobenzone 2.5%, Octinoxate 7.5%, Oxybenzone 5% 

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is well known to cause erythema and pigmentation (age spots) on the skin. When the skin is directly exposed to the sun, there is 10 to 100 times more exposure of UVA than UVB. UVB (considered the Burning Ray) has an immediate, harmful impact on the skin within minutes. UVA (considered the Aging Ray), which you do not feel, has been shown to damage the skin by penetration deeply into the dermis able of producing premature aging, wrinkles, and tumors.

Apply to clean skin 15 minutes before Sun exposure. Reapply after swimming, excercising or perspiraion in the sunlight. children under 6 months of age: ask a doctor.

Warning 2: 
For external use only. Avoid contact with eye. Rinse with water to remove. Stop use and ask a doctor if A rash or irritation develops and lasts. If swallowed, get medical help or contact a Poison Control Center right away.

Store in a cold and dry place, away from light. Keep away from the children.

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